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Corton is engaged in the design and the production of high-quality horse stalls for stabling and training of horses. Corton distinguishes itself by manufacturing only high quality products, without doing any concession as regards security or durability.

A practical experience of 33 years and complying with the suggestions of our customers, in combination with new materials and construction methods, are the basis for a series of excellent Corton products. Corton products are manufactured in our advanced production facilities in Kampen/The Netherlands. Our clients are the professional equestrian facilities, as well as the hobbyist who keeps only some horses. Corton has a reputation in the horse world. If demanding the best, choose Corton!

  Stabling of horses is an important issue for hobbyist and professional. With good reason high demands are made on this subject. A horse box should be large enough and strong as iron, easily to muck out and well to be cleaned. And above all, hardwearing and available at a reasonable price. Suchlike boxes are made by Corton. Not just for the demanding livery-stable, but also for the hobbyist who keeps one or some horses at home. Corton has a reputation in the horse world. Corton horse boxes stand for solid quality. If you demand the best, choose Corton horse stalls

If you are on the lookout for exclusive horse stables Corton can offer you quite a lot. A series of elegantly designed stables with number one names like Kingly Stable, Rembrandt en Ratina. For the thoroughbred horse lover a feast for the eyes, for the horse itself a noble accommodation. 

  Rest and good care are of great importance for your horses. Part of essential means to achieve this is the accommodation of the horse. The accommodation should offer protection, shelter, enough space and light and should be in particular strong and safe. Preferable nice to see and, above all, affordable! Corton outdoor stables answer these requirements, as they are the result of many years of experience in building stables.                                                                                   

With Corton outdoor stables you offer your horses a trouble-free accommodation of many years.  No drafty and miserable shed but a solid and elegant stable that will give you and your horses a lot of pleasure. Corton outdoor stables are available in two varieties; Standard and Professional.


Corton designs and makes carefully finished external doors, shutters and windows in different types, like smaller and bigger entrance doors or doors and windows or shutters with arched top. If requested the galvanized steel parts can be coated en a colour that matches with the style of your stable building.

The external doors and shutters are delivered ready-made, including a galvanized steel frame. They are available in two different types; Standard en Professional.


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