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Bars 22 x 2 mm with distance of 60mm, bars punched through and through

Complete frame with horizontal tube on top and extra gliding rail, so 2 top profiles

Available in type I with 50 mm width of profiles or type II with 60 mm width of profiles

Solid Govaplast plastic boards, black, type I 28 mm, type II 38mm

Complete frame with Corton U-channels with double fanges, 6 corners in stead of 2 !!!

Sliding with opening for head in sliding door, optional fully closed or top door

Heavy and detachable rail supports, type I rail 50x45mm, type II rail 60x55mm

Original ROB Heavy bearing rollers

Free space of 20mm below U-chanels, for longer lifetime of profiles

Frame height 2200mm, standard width 3000 / 3500 mm

Galvanised according NEN EN ISO 1461


 type "Standard"
 type "Professional"
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