Horse stalls
 Design stalls
 Shutters and doors
 Outdoor stables
 Horse exerciser
 Rubber floors

Option: Multi-layer coating system on top of galvanized surface

Immersion of hardwood in a water based oil

Ventilation grooves in hardwood

Galvanised of Stainless steel bars/frames

Single or double row horizontal boards

Door away from side for placement of drinker

V-opening or V-grate in bar section of door

Luxury feed slide or feed grill closure in feed opening

Sight protection, 1000mm closed with boards, also available with elegant arch

Front partitions in combination with bricked wall

Connection posts 100x50 or round post 133mm
 type "Standard"
 type "Professional"
 mechanical cleaning systems
 feed rack system
 side partitions
 stand partitions