Horse stalls
 Design stalls
 Shutters and doors
 Outdoor stables
 Horse exerciser
 Rubber floors

Various types, with pent roof, saddle roof, or american barn

Standard dimension 3100x3000mm (bxd), extension stable 3050x3000

Available per 500mm wider or longer, or made to wish

Strong construction with beams steel 50x50 mm with special Corton U-channels

Walls of steel frames with horizontally piled-up hardwood boards

Roof with green metal sheeting

External door "Standard", lower and top door with hardwood

Available roof sheeting with tile pattern

Roof isolation 30mm sandwich panels

Polyester gutter 200mm including brackets and drain pipe till ground level


 type "Standard" with pent roof
 type "Standard" with saddle roof 12gr.
 type "Standard" with large saddle roof 25gr.
 type "Standard" stable buildings