Horse stalls
 Design stalls
 Shutters and doors
 Outdoor stables
 Horse exerciser
 Rubber floors
                  ......Track roof.....  

Track roof with element fence and windbreak mesh around

Inner cirle with element fence 1270mm height

Steal beams IPE 160, galvanised

Gutters 58x156mm, 5 pieces

Stabipol corrugated polyester plates, in black or red colour

Rdges made from steel, in black or red colour

15 degrees inclination

Inkluding frame with entrance gate, swinging door with parallel lock

Fence system inner circle available with extra tubes or bars till 1800mm height

Polyester gutter 200mm including brackets and drain pipe till ground level

Additional porch with a single or double pitch roof
 horse exerciser type "Excellent"
 fence wood, PEC impregnated
 fence elements
 track roof
 round arena